The Four Distinct Butt Shapes | Which Butt Shape Do You Have?

No two butts are developed equal, as well as if you have actually ever before checked out at the variety of bottoms are out there, it should not shock you to learn that there is something as various butt shapes.

different Butt shapes

Understanding which butt form you have can be vital because you may not have the butt that you desire now. Recognizing where you stand now, and contrasting this to where you wish to be, is crucial when it concerns establishing goals as well as creating a strategy to achieve them. Producing your best butt ever is no various.

What Causes the Various Types of Butt Shapes?

Your skeletal structure figures out the major framework for your physique, and also the overall shape that you wind up with is determined by the distribution of fat and also muscular tissue on top of your skeletal system. For the butt, the main element which causes the particular form of the butts is your pelvis, followed by your fat circulation which is greatly genetically identified. As a whole, for the majority of people that do refrain certain glute training, muscle does not contribute a whole lot to butt shape as the glutes are typically underdeveloped in the majority of people.

Women as well as men undoubtedly have extremely different butt shapes, however this short article will certainly concentrate generally on the various kinds of women butt shapes.

Just what are the Different Shapes of Booties that Women Have?

Many plastic surgeons recognize four main shapes when it pertains to the women posterior:

  • Square– “H” form
  • Round– “C” or “O” shape
  • Heart/pear– “A” shape
  • Inverted– “V” form

Four Different Butt Shapes

How do you know what Butt Shape you Have?

With reference to the pictures above, you should be able to choose among the butt forms that resembles your own. Do not be as well worried if none of these suits the way your butt looks precisely– they are suggested to be utilized as an overview only as well as the sheer amount of variant in the body means that not everybody will fit into predefined groups.

The Square “H” shape

This particular form is triggered by either higher extra famous hip bones, or a circulation of fat in the ‘love handle’ location. The general effect is that the butt looks square designed and also is closer to looking like a straight up-and-down right below your midsection, instead of tapering to the waistline with a smooth curve.

So allow’s see exactly what this appears like in pictures …


The H-shaped butt due to bone structure of the pelvis as well as femur (upper leg bones).  Classsic H-shape, due to a bit of fat circulation in the ‘love handle’ location:


An additional H-shaped butt, once again due to a broader pelvis which indicates the waistline does not taper to the butt as efficiently.  You could see why these sort of butts are likened to a square shape:

The Round “C” or “O” Shape.

Frequently described as bubble butts as a result of their round look, a round butt is characterized by a fat circulation around the cheeks of the butt– including the top portion of the cheeks, which causes a rounded result when checked out from behind. This form frequently sits high when watched from the side, and also is typically rather buoyant and full.

Allow’s take a better consider some C or O-shaped butt!

You should have the ability to see why they are called ‘bubble butts’ from this fine instance:

big bubble butt

One more perky bubble butt:

bubble butt

source instagram

As you could see, O-shaped butts have a lot of volume in the cheeks and the sides of the butt:

bubble butt or o shaped butt

The butt above might almost be a H-shape, however its obtained a lot of fullness in the cheeks as well as is buoyant, so I’m mosting likely to consider it a round O-shape!

The Heart/Pear “A” Forming.

The heart or pear form is normally thought about to be the most womanly of the butt shapes, and also is a result of fat distribution around reduced portion of the butt as well as upper legs. This leads to an extra conical appearance from the waistline to the bottom of the butt (therefore the “A” shape or ‘upside-down heart’ summary).

Fat storage space around the butt as well as thighs in females is created largely by the hormone Estrogen. Unfortunately Estrogen degrees could lower as we age, which can lead to fat being kept around the abdominal area and waistline instead of the butt.

Aging aside, let’s have a look at why this butt is significantly appreciated …

Got curves? The proprietor of this heart-shaped butt does:

sommerray a shaped booty

source instagram

This round as well as bubbly butt can almost be an O-shape, but I believe the midsection tapers into the butt more like an A-shape, giving that classic heart form:

sommer ray booty workout

source instagram

One more A-shape; you could see exactly how fat stored on the outer upper legs simply below the butt offer a total heart/pear shape here:

a shaped booty


As well as listed above we could see why numerous assume this form looks one of the most womanly!

Upside down “V” shape.

The V form is more frequently seen in older ladies as reduced estrogen levels cause the shift of fat storage space from the butt to the stomach. This can lead to an inverted shape where the base of the butt is less complete than the top of the butt. Unfortunately this butt form is also prone to drooping also.

Allow’s see some examples …

There’s very little occurring at the bottom of the butt in this V-shape:

V-shaped Butt

The upside down form or V-shape butt has an absence of volume in the outdoors part of the reduced butt cheeks:

V-shaped Butt

This butt looks like a subtle V-shape to me, though it’s a little bit hard to claim because the hands remain in the method:

V-shaped Butt


I’ve Established Which Butt Shape I have. Now What do I have to do to Change it?

Since you know your butt shape, you remain in a far better position to begin developing the modifications you intend to your butt. Look into ways to shape your butt to establish just what you can do to produce a better form for your butt, in addition to the best butt workouts you ought to be providing for your butt type in order to create a more rounded, visually pleasing shape. Or, attempt something like the Brazil Butt Lift program to obtain a more lifted and also usually all-round (word play here meant) better butt!

By carrying out the ideal sort of workouts, you can enhance the shape of your butt. This listing of home workouts for the glutes is an excellent means to obtain started. There are no scarcity of exercise programs for the butt out there, yet some are far better than others for enhancing up your back.

After a Quick Fix for your Butt Shape?

ana cheri booty workout

Not keen on sweating it out over weeks or months to attempt and also accumulate your butt, as well as after an immediate fix instead? No problem, there are items around for you!

While I am a lot more regarding butt-building exercise as a top quality, natural as well as permanent service for boosting butt form, I understand that it might not be for everyone (though I sure will attempt my hardest to convince you!).

There are specialized underwears around which could make your butt appearance terrific– have a look at these padded panties for females or padded underclothing (for the men), which will have your butt looking it’s finest the moment you pull a set on. It could seem ridiculous, but they in fact do look respectable on as well as it’s really simple to become a follower (lol). Otherwise, did you recognize that you can obtain pants which can make your butt look far better? These creative garments are just the most effective for flattering what you’ve obtained.

Does your butt shape fall under the above classifications, or did you have problem classifying your butt kind? Let me know how you went in the comments listed below.