How to take a Good Butt Pic | Your Ultimate guide to the Belfie or Ass Selfies

Instagram is littered with pictures including something: huge, round, bubble butts! It appears like everybody worldwide has or is attempting to develop a sufficient derrière while you’re left wondering the number of more squats you have to do before your glutes actually begin growing.

To be honest excercising will get you a long way with a tighter booty.  Just check out my results and reviews from the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge and the 30 day Butt Challenge.  It works trust me.  But dare I say there is an easier way???

Well, I’ll let you in on a trick: All those fantastic butt selfies (likewise known as a “belfie”) are less about an extensive exercise program and more about the right angles and presents! Of course, you need to never skip leg day, but you can snap that signature fitness design Belfie or Ass Selfie without needing to do squats until the cows come home.

1. Ass Selfie Tip 1 – Use The Right Clothing

I have to come clean about something that has been troubling me for a while now. Yep, I experience pancake ass!

belfie-what to wear

Due to shitty genes and dominant quads, my glutes have actually decided to boycott this big booty fad. Nevertheless, just like wearing a push-up bra can assist with the two women up top, the ideal clothes can make my sorry excuse for a butt look bigger, rounder, and firmer.

jen selter butt workout

Source: instagram

You may go to the gym in your sweetheart’s sweatpants and an old t-shirt, but for the ultimate belfie, you’ll want to trade in those cast-offs for something more skin-tight and figure-hugging. Throw on some lively leggings or spandex shorts, and you’re on the best path.

2. Booty Selfie Tip 2 – Get Your Glutes PUMPED!

Ok, we understand we said that the ideal belfie would not take months and months of intensive training, but in the words of our [gym] God, Arnold Schwarzenegger, there is no better sensation than the pump!


Driving a little bit of blood circulation to your booty will assist fill it out, making it look rounder and fuller in your photos.


Carry out some ass-centric exercises such as squats, lunges, Romanian deadlifts, banded side-steps or hip thrusts while actually focusing on the contraction. After just 2 or three sets, your glute muscles will be ready for their close-up!

3. For Perfect Ass Selfies You Need the right Tilt

Talk to any medical professional and they will tell you the dangers of having a hips that tilts too far forward. Nevertheless, talk with any physical fitness design and they will inform you how beneficial it is to have an anterior pelvic tilt for making your booty look bigger.

how to make your butt look bigger in photos

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To get that winning shot, position yourself in front of a gym or locker space mirror with excellent lighting, push your hips back, and arch your spine. Consider it like you’re trying to touch your shoulders with your ass!

jen selter butt workout

Source: instagram

You might find that this puts some pressure on your lower back, so we do not advise standing in the “glutes that salute” posture for too long.

4. Assume the Position – Butt Selfie Tip 4

Belfies are everything about angles. So, put your finest foot forward– literally. Point your toes and bend the calf muscle of one leg, raising that side of your body a little greater. With your other leg, drop your hip so it sits lower than the front leg. Keep your foot flat on the flooring.

ass selfies

This creates a clear distinction between the two sides of your body, hence stressing the shape more. You can also opt for the belfie option which requires you to … ummm … spread your legs!

belfie mirror pose

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Leave the leg closest to the mirror in position, however pull the other leg backwards to form a semi-lunge position. This choice makes the curve from your buttocks to your thighs more popular and offers the impression of slimmer legs and a bigger booty.

5. Time to Slim it down – Booty Selfie Tip

Okay, your booty is looking brillant, but something is still missing out on: that itty-bitty-waist to complement that round-thing-in-your-face!

Look at any physical fitness design account and they’ll have this posture down to excellence. Basically, you need to put your waist and shoulders on a various axis to that of your hips. Still with us? Great.

bubble butt workout routines

Now that you remain in prime rump position, turn your shoulders towards the mirror but keep your legs fixed. Your stomach will turn somewhat with your shoulders, displaying your cinched-in waist while producing that classic hourglass shape.