How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

The Brazilian butt lift has actually boosted in popularity over the past years for a reason. Unlike butt implants, the Brazilian butt lift is totally all-natural, making use of the patient’s own fat to add volume to and also enhance the shapes of the buttocks.

It also offers the advantage of really being 2 treatments rolled into one.

In order to collect the fat utilized to inject into the butts, liposuction needs to be done on a location of the body where unwanted deposits of fat have actually collected. Consequently, clients arise from treatment having actually undertaken 2 body contouring procedures: one to highlight the butts, and also one more to fine-tune as well as tone an additional area of the body in order to gather fat cells.As you might imagine, after that, the Brazilian butt lift is a relatively intensive treatment. The fat cells taken out throughout the liposuction are not simply then injected right into the butts. They need to be processed as well as purified prior to injection in order to maximize their survival rate and also guarantee the patient’s security.



Both the original lipo procedure and the succeeding fat transfer treatment also call for exceptional skill on the part of the cosmetic surgeon in terms of her capability to form visually pleasing, natural-looking outcomes. While the substantial majority of clients find that the results validate the cost, there is no question that a Brazilian butt lift constitutes a relatively major financial investment.

Brazilian Butt Lift Prices around the Country

In going over Brazilian butt lift price throughout consultations at her San Francisco, CA plastic surgery technique, Dr. Kimberly Henry stresses to people that, while financial worries may be very important, they should not surpass various other worries concerning security and the experience as well as ability of the cosmetic surgeon. The Brazilian butt lift is a significant operation and, thus, ought to only be carried out by a specialist with many years of experience and also an excellent document of safety, success, and also person satisfaction.

If you are interested in figuring out just what your Brazilian butt lift would certainly set you back, please timetable your first assessment a local Doctor.

What Determines the Cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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There are many variables that can establish the price of a Brazilian butt lift. Some of these aspects, such as the surgeon’s charge, the price of anesthetic, as well as running space costs, are usually repaired. Others, such as the amount of fat that have to be removed via liposuction surgery, processed, and also injected right into the butts, will certainly depend on the specific patient. Consequently, it is difficult to estimate the expense of the procedure without satisfying the patient in person.

How to Pay for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Since a Brazilian butt lift is considered a strictly aesthetic treatment without medical requirement related to it, the vast bulk of health insurance policies will certainly not cover it to any kind of degree. However, Dr. Henry recognizes that paying for such a treatment out of pocket can be a frustrating cost, which is why she provides a variety of funding strategies. Eligible individuals could fund their treatments through Alphaeon Credit history or CareCredit ®, 2 extremely respectable medical care financing programs that offer superb reduced- or even no-interest repayment choices.