Does Brazil Butt Lift REALLY work? A sincere review

As a concious consumer I am always looking for honest reviews on programs I would like to try.  Here is one I found a Beachbody’s Brazil Butt Lift program.  Hope you enjoy it.

If you are anything like me (an unconvinced consumer aka smart haha) you wonder about points prior to you acquire them. Does Brazil Butt Raise really function? I had my questions. Honestly, before Brazil Butt Lift I never truly had a good experience with residence exercise dvds. Let’s be sincere … they can be sort of cheesy and also I’m sure a few of them would have offered me results if I can have stuck to them … but I located them to be boring or repetitive..

A little History Here

To sort of back up and also share my story … I’m 5′ 3″ as well as at one factor I weighed in at 129 pounds. I would certainly categorize myself as chubby at that weight. I had ROLLS. In my battle of the lump, I toiled away on the cardio devices at the gym without any results. I had no idea about what to eat or how you can eat healthy and balanced. I believed Subway was a healthy and balanced lunch option. I’m embarrassed to admit this, however I utilized to visit the Wendy’s drive thru after the fitness center lol.

Anyway, I was at the gym one evening and also saw the P90X paid announcement. Something concerning it was mesmerizing to me. I liked seeing all the success stories yet I’m a complete skeptic so I did my research study and also asked every person I understood what they became aware of it. The responses I obtained: Hard as H-E-double hockey sticks but the outcomes were completely worth it.

p90x to lose weight


In my research study and also uncovering Beachbody (the firm that makes P90X), I encountered Brazil Butt Lift. I’ve always been self mindful about my big rear end (I LOVED the sweatshirt around the hips trend lol) I made a decision to provide BBL (Brazil Butt Lift) a shot. It looked method less intimidating than P90X.I started with Brazil Butt Lift and also I was shocked at what does it cost? I took pleasure in the workouts, the instructor and also just how SORE I would obtain.

The exercises are deceivingly hard … I say that due to the fact that somehow I end up smiling throughout the workout. Leandro is extremely charming to me. I did BBL for a couple of weeks up until I got up the nerve to begin P90X. I started and also fell short at P90X three times before I linked into the Team Beachbody network to obtain an instructor and also a success / accountability partner. Having somebody to sustain me made all of the difference for me.

I finished my P90X makeover at 108 lbs (from a size 6 to 00 INSANE PANTS !!).

Fast forward a few months … I changed works and wound up working at a workplace. I’ve never sat down all the time and it was NOT pleasant to my booty. Ever before heard of workplace @ss? It was irritating due to the fact that I worked SO difficult to lose the weight … currently the dimply cellulite was coming back. I decided it was time to jump into Brazil Butt Lift and dedicate 110%.
I had a beach trip to the Bahamas showing up in 6 weeks so it was GO TIME. My defining moment of “I NEED TO do this” was when I tried out my swimwear (see the grey Victoria Secret bikini) Omgosh I practically cried when I saw the photos. SKINNY FAT is the only method to describe it. Not fat … however def not fit.

brazil butt lift before and after

I checked out that picture everyday to remind myself why I was doing this … I really did not understand exactly what my results would resemble yet I knew I had to devote right. I followed the “Standard Arrange”, consume 60-100oz of water daily, ate SUPER clean and drank my Shakeology. My outcomes were quite incredible if I do say so myself … I worked my BUTT OFF! Essentially hehe.


Now I recognize it’s difficult to locate REAL and authentic testimonials for products sometimes … Especially given that Beachbody is a network marketing firm. A few of the testimonials could appear really honest. As a trainer, it’s our WORK to be an item of the product..
If you have actually seen the paid announcement, you KNOW simply how gripping the sales pitch is.” Get a tight toned booty in as little as 30-60 days” You’re below due to the fact that you are asking yourself if it meets all of the hype. Can some in the house workout dvds really give you a better looking butt?

brazil butt lift reviews

As a fellow consumer as well as female, I want to give you the whole story as well as let YOU make the reasoning phone call. I additionally intend to hear FROM YOU. If you or a person you recognize has actually attempted Brazil Butt Raise, I would love to hear about it. Please leave your personal review, testimonial, experience, point of view in the comments section below..
I am not a physical fitness trainer/expert, nutritional expert, etc. I am merely a lady with a dimply cellulite butt that intended to make a change and followed the workout..

Brazil Butt Lift is a reduced body forming workout is created to lower your hips, slim your upper legs, as well as raise your booty without the mass..


Let’s have a look at the butt.

Your booty- Think it or otherwise, it’s in fact made up of a number of various muscle mass consisting of the gluteus maximums, minums, and also medius. All these muscle mass and also ligaments intertwining together at the top near the reduced back and also at the bottom merging with the hamstrings..

Butt science

It can seem discouraging to exercise your booty as well as get it not just toned, but lifted, and rounded. It’s a big group of powerful muscles that collaborate in order to help with appropriate activity, security, as well as power. However putting all that apart it’s still a group of muscle mass just like other. And also similar to other group of muscles you can appropriately exercise them, reinforce them, as well as grow them to your desired sizes and shape.

honest brazil butt lift reviewsConsider it in this manner. Have you ever before attempted to work on just your chest, arms or back prior to? If you have you possibly began to see outcomes rather rapidly in those locations. You probably blended your workouts to target various below areas of that a person particular muscular tissue team. Your butt is no different than your breast, back, or arms. You just require the ideal technique and also mix of workouts to strike all the below locations of your butt to make certain all locations are strengthened as well as established correctly.


You could have some gain access to fat on your body. If you seem like you have a “saggy butt” squeeze your butt cheeks and feel them. You’ll feel your tight muscle mass et cetera is fat. The fat fulls the lower half of your booty and can provide it that droopy appearance aka fat below the muscular tissue.

This is where nutrition and also burning calories enter play. This program is not almost functioning your reduced body muscle mass … but likewise concerning melting calories and SUSTAINING your body with healthy, vitamins and mineral dense foods.

brazil butt lift reviewThe Brazil Butt Lift workout program is a series of DVDs that utilize a really specific method to target the three major muscular tissues that compose your butt. This program is designed to strengthen and create your butt muscles and lower body. Celeb instructor, Leandro Carvalho, utilizes his “Triangle Training” technique based on working the various angles of your butt. Working the angles offers you that lift, suppleness and round booty. Leandro is called the instructor who whips the Victoria’s Secret angels right into shape prior to the yearly VS style program (like Alessandra Ambrosio love her!!) The versions are a follower of his workouts due to the fact that the exercises do not bulk up your thighs … rather this method slims them down.

His program suits someplace between a Zumba class and also a bootcamp. Samba, ballet, as well as the Afro-Brazilian style called Capoeira are the 3 significant kinds of dancing that Leandro drew from as he established his triangle training strategy and collection of workout moves. He likewise has you doing squats, leaping jacks, dance moves and flooring job (my fav part).

After simply the initial week of systematically using the this method, each major muscle of your butt begins to get worked out. This is the starting growth stage of your butt muscle mass where you begin to see the lifting and forming phase begin.

Not only does this program function your bottom bottom, however it also aids you lost undesirable weight and also inches. I enjoy that Leandro is very in touch with a women’s “issue areas” (inner thighs, stomach, saddle bags, obviously the booty).
It is a sound program full with the workouts, workout calendar, as well as food overview. The workouts are intense however a great deal of the relocations can be customized or personalized to your needs. I began with 1 lb ankle joint weights and also eventually worked up to 5 pounds..

BOTTOM LINE: Yes. Brazil Butt Raise DOES actually work. You can get a REMARKABLE booty with this workout! (my outcomes are proof enough for me lol) One point is without a doubt … anticipate to work hard as well as sweat for that excellent booty..

If Brazil Butt Lift seems like an exercise program you could think about to lift, tighten up, as well as shape your butt try it with a 30-day cash back guarantee, a FREE bonus offer workout (Leandro’s Trump card), and also the most affordable level price delivery online by clicking below.

Brazil Butt Lift– What’s Included?

  • 6 Workouts on 3 DVDs.
  • Booty Remodeling Overview.
  • Booty Makeover Schedule.
  • Fat-Burning Food Guide.
  • TriAngle Training Workout Cards.
  • Measurement Tracker Card and also Tape Measure.

Plus Bonus offers …

  • 6-Day Cover girl Slimdown Strategy.
  • Toughness Band.
  • Bottom Bum Rapido Workout (10 minutes).
  • Free Online Assistance.

Equipment Needed: Ankle Weights (1-5 pounds).

  • Yoga exercise mat.

Brazil Butt Lift Before and After Pictures

Now I know you all want to see the results from this program so I have put together a couple of before and after photos to help you see actual results from REAL people.

beachbody brazil butt lift before and after pictures 1

beachbody brazil butt lift before and after photos 1

beachbody brazil butt lift before and after pictures 2

beachbody brazil butt lift before and after pictures 3

beachbody brazil butt lift before and after photos 2

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